Through this article we will answer the following questions:

1 When is trick or treat?

2 What time does trick or treating start?

3 What does trick or treating mean?

4 How old is too old to trick or treat?

5 What age should you stop trick or treating?

trick or treat is a game and activity done by children on Halloween where they go from house to house dressed in costumes and costumes to ask for candy by asking the owner of the house trick or treat.

Where the owner does not give candy, the children will trick the owner or throw him magic on his house or property.

The trick or treat of the game is one of the most important traditions of Halloween, where residents of the neighborhood where children are buying toys and candy to give them to children when they come to them.

There is no time limit for trick or treat  because it is mostly on Halloween.

For the age at which you must stop, do not become a child.

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