Before you fly first, think about where you will sleep, bathe, and eat. So the first thing that comes to your mind is to book a hotel or a place to stay.

1 - Booking site

One of the most famous locations in the world it is the world's first hotel reservation.

BoKing has a very sophisticated search engine and has agreements with international companies and hotels in all parts of the world, gives you accurate details in the search with the best prices and the best places and not only that it also offers you booking in an apartment or housing for young people such as "Hostels" .

The features of this site is unparalleled contains pictures of hotels, rooms and apartments that you want to book with the ratings and more information about the payment methods and the price of the room and much much more.


2 - Hotels website

From the name of this site it is clear that he specializes in hotels, it is one of the oldest existing sites ever was launched in 1991.

When you book from it more than once a year, hotels offer you free bookings as a gift.


3 - location trivago

Trivago is a very nice site that compares the prices of hotels in more than 200 online booking sites, as well as you can book rooms and hotels through more than 700 thousand hotels around the world.


4 - tripAdvisor site

This site is unmatched, "Advisor ranking" is the best site for cheap hotels booking, reviews and reviews of users with photos this site.

You can search it anywhere you want and it will give you a lot of information about hotels and restaurants and you can book what you want from it.


5 - hotelscombined location

What distinguishes this site is the Arabic language you can browse through, in 2018 more than 400 million travelers use the site in order to get the best deals for hotels.

As for the prices this site is the best and the license at all and I advise you to.


6 - Google hotel website

The nice thing is that Google also entered this area and made it easy for you to enter everything enough for the site and write the city you want and will show you a lot of hotels with prices.

Google Hotels

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