We are now in the year of advancement and technology The world has become very small, everyone is shopping from the Internet to buy and sell as well.

In this article we will provide you with the best and best sites to buy from the Internet in the world and from our personal experience.

1- Aliexpress website
Ali Express site is one of the most famous sites in the world is a Chinese site contains many products all you can think of you will find there and cheap prices and there are all kinds of free and paid shipping, Ali Express website accepts payments via bank card only.

Ali Express

2 - Amazon website

This site is known to all people in the world is an American site and the largest ever contains all the products how it was like construction, cosmetics, photography, phones, computers, even eating, clothes, bikes, accessories, books, and many more.

Accept all payment methods such as bank card and PayPal.


3 - Ebay website

EBay specializes in auctions (auctions) as well as buying everything you want clothes, accessories, home furnishings, phones, computers, books, ....

This site is an intermediary between you and the retailer and accepts all payment methods and bank cards and electronic such as PayPal.
It has all free and paid sending methods.


4 - Walmart site
This site as well as the previous sites, but it contains great offers and cheap contains children's toys and kitchen appliances, clothes and electronic devices, etc., and that you are a dealer can sell your products on the site.

The Mart website accepts different payment methods and shipping worldwide upon purchase.


5 - Alibaba website

This website belongs to the same aliexpress company but Alibaba website contains wholesale products means it is intended for merchants and businessmen only.


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