How to develop self-confidence

A . Self Development Factors

One of the factors that contribute to self-development is the writer Turao Tokuda. Among these factors: 

1 . Turning desires into goals: 
Many people have many desires they want to achieve in their depths, but they make no effort to achieve these desires, stay in their places of progress, and to achieve the desired progress must raise the degree of these desires to a higher degree than just wishes The person wishes, making them clear goals, and then begins to develop the necessary procedures to achieve them.

2 . Start the work immediately after the goal:
 The goal is not achieved when the person is confused between this goal or that, but he must be determined in his matter and sets his goal, and then proceed quickly to work and research in ways and ways available to all.

B . Self-development and self-confidence

Self-development and self-confidence depends on many things. The person must take care of them and know them thoroughly, including:

1 . Science and work together: 
To succeed in them, it is necessary to exert effort and perseverance, and know that success is the ally of those who believe in what he learns, and an ally who is confident of his skill and ability, to do his utmost.
The person's realization that the battles and hardships of life are not won by the strongest or the fastest, even if he wins and excels in the first step, the one who wins and wins in the end is those who believe he can, and who believes in his abilities and features.

2 . Creative imagination:
 to see the person or imagine himself to be successful in the future, has developed his situation and moved from one case to another, this thinking helps him to persevere and strive for the better; to succeed, and he has to say to himself: I will overcome any challenge, and I can do what No one else can do it.

3 . The ideal: He who wants to succeed in his scientific and practical life and in all fields and levels, must make himself an example and a symbol of success, as if he sees success in the personality of so many people, struggled and struggled until he finally reached his goals and became the title of success and an example to follow.

4 . Time to self-confidence: By mentioning the same person with confidence, and making a small amount of time for himself - ten minutes, for example - and says: I am confident of myself, and repeat this time and again.

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