Mahalabiyah is one of the most famous desserts in the Arab world, which is preferred by adults and young people of all ages. There are several ways in which to prepare the pudding, as it may be with biscuits, rice, or cream, or semolina, and we will discuss in this article how to prepare.

the ingredients The pudding with custard

2 tablespoons dry milk.

Two tablespoons and a half large of yellow custard.

Two cups of water.

Two tablespoons of sugar.

Nuts for decoration.
The pudding with custard
Preparation time:      10 minutes - cooling hour
Cooking time :           10 minutes.
Quantity:                   4 people.
Level:                        Easy

How to prepare

1 . Place the water in a cooking pot with dry milk.

2 . Add four spoons of sugar with the previous ingredients, add custard, then mix the ingredients on low heat until thick, and for yellow pudding we can add the spirit of bananas or vanilla.

3 . Put the machete in the serving cups.

4 . Garnish with nuts such as coconut, cardamom, pistachios, or any other nuts as desired
We provide after cool.

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