In addition to the cream available in the market, a number of people prefer to prepare the cream at home, which gives them access to it when they need to use it, and here we offer you a variety of ways to prepare the cream, For the preparation of a number of dishes distinctive sweets that enter the cream in preparation.

Make starch cream

A . the ingredients

1 . tow big spoon of sugar.

2 . Three cups of liquid milk.

3 . Half a teaspoon of butter.

4 . Five teaspoons of starch, melted in half a glass of water.

5 . Spoonful of flannel.

B . How to prepare

1 . In a pot of fire, mix all the ingredients except starch, stirring until melted, add starch mix and continue mixing.

2 . Put the mixture on low heat and stir well until the mixture reaches the boiling point.

3 . Do not stop stirring so as not to mix the mixture, and continue to note that the mixture intensified and condensation and lift it from the fire.

4 . When finished, set the cream mixture in a tray or tray as desired and refrigerate until refrigerated, and then ready for use.

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