Inverted meat

It is interesting that most of the inhabitants of Palestine do the work inverted of these eaters on Friday especially, especially in the areas of northern Palestine, and we will present on this subject some ways to prepare the inverted.

A . the ingredients

1 . 1Kg of lean meat (mutton).

2 . Three cups of Egyptian rice.

3 . A cup of basmati rice.

4 . Four grains of eggplant.

5 . Three medium-sized potatoes.

6 . Two pieces of carrots.

7 . A tablespoon of salt.

8 . Vegetable oil.

9 . Bharat problem as desired.

B . How to prepare

1 . Wash the meat well and put on fire in a saucepan with proper amount of oil.

2 . Add the black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and bay leaves to the meat, and then stir the meat and spices together.

3 . Add a quantity of hot water to the meat, then cover as much and leave the meat until it is cooked.

4 . Cut the potatoes and carrots into circles, then lower the oil until golden.

5 . Soak the rice in water, taking into account mixing the two types, Egyptian and Basmati and then cleanse and stir with a little spices.

6 . After the meat is cooked, drain the pot and place them in a different saucepan, topped with a layer of potatoes, then a layer of carrots and then rice.

7 . Cover the pot afterwards and put on medium heat and leave to simmer, then heat the fire.

8 . After finishing, leave the inverted for five minutes in the pot before turning it over. This dish is served alongside yogurt and vegetable salad.


Every cup of rice needs a cup and a half of gravy.

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