Movies, series, how it was, action, drama, romance, thriller, fantasy, horror, everyone is talking and watching.

There are some people looking for free sites but nonetheless there are people looking for paid sites because they have so many benefits.

In this article we will introduce you to the top 3 sites to watch movies and serials paid by subscription or through the purchase of the film or series or free and legal.

We will talk about netflix for sure:

1 - Netflix site :

Who does not know this site today is not in this world, Netflix site of the best site because it contains the largest works of serials and movies in all selections, Action, Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Horror ... and many more.

What distinguishes this site is the low prices compared to other sites, you can subscribe per month for only $ 8 dollars and you can see all the movies and series on the site.

There are many series such as:

Game of Thrones

House of cards "la casa de papal"

Fast & Furious

Location: netflix

Amazon Prime
This site is considered to be one of the best competitors of Netflix, and is similar to it and also covers this site almost all countries of the world.

The site is subscribed through a monthly subscription at a nominal price and the site contains many films and series that meet the needs of subscribers and is in a very big development.

Location: Primevideo

3 - Hulu site

This site is not known in the Arab world because it does not cover all the countries of the world and is not famous such as Amazon prime or Netflix, but it contains many movies and series as well as television programs, channels and networks.

The Hulu service allows you to access content from showtime, HBO and many more, and this service is paid as well.

Location: Hulu


This service or site is available in the United States only, it is the best alternative to other sites, which can run on many supported devices unlimited.

You must subscribe to this service for about $ 15 dollars a month in order to access a lot of movies and series and television programs and various and varied ....

Location: HBO NOW

5 - MuBi site

One of the best sites in terms of price, the monthly subscription for only $ 7.5 can view many movies and series and many more.

What is beautiful about the site is that it meets the needs of viewers and does what they want to watch movies and series and many, free subscription for 7 days only.

Location: MUBI

6 - Filmstruck site

This site is like the previous site in terms of price you can subscribe to the monthly service for only $ 7, to watch a lot and a lot of movies and programs ....

Location: filmstruck

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