Halloween is the celebration of the night of October 31 each year held in many countries, and this occasion includes the distribution of candy and chocolate to children and stealth in a range of diverse and exotic and different clothes.

These costumes and costumes are mostly animal costumes, monsters and historical and historical figures.

The occasion is a festive and exotic celebration, decorating houses and festivals, watching horror movies and telling scary stories like ghosts and monsters, decorating festivals and houses with pumpkin carved in the form of a face and lighting of famous Jack lanterns.

There are many countries that celebrate the occasion such as the USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, Mexico and many other countries, where there are two countries that celebrate the occasion, including those where religious Christianity is celebrated and there are countries that celebrate this occasion for religion as a natural celebration.

There is a game played by children is a trick or treat you know .

What day is Halloween ?

When is Halloween ?
What is Halloween?
How many days until Halloween?

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